This site contains details about books authored by  ​​
Shri.Delhi T Raghavendran
on various spiritual topics.
About The Author

Shri.T. Raghavendran, having spent more than three decades in Central Govt. Administration and retired as Joint Controller - Department of Economic affairs, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi in 2004; is popularly known as 'Delhi' Raghavendran.

Born in 1946 as son of Late Tandoni Rao and Padmavati and hailing from a devout Madhwa family, Sri T.Raghavendran graduated from the then Madras University in 1967. He has spent many years in learning and practicing Madhwa Philosophy.

The discourses of his holiness Sri Sri Satyatma Teertha Swamiji, of Uttaradi mutt in 1999, at Delhi, was the inspiration and instigated the flame of bhakti and gyana, which were dormant as innate quality of the author.

He pursued philosphical studies under Pandit Shri Yadavachar Diwakar while in service in Delhi and continued his philosophical pursuit under the able guidance of Late Pandit Ullagaram Srinivasa Rao for six  years at Coimbatore until 2010. He has studied Vedanta, Upanishads, Srimad Bhagawatam,Bhagawad Geeta, Bramha Sutra , Mahabharata and other puranas . He has also learnt important tenets of Srimad Madhwaacharya's philosphy from various acharya's granthas known as Sarva Moola granthas.

He is a voracious reader of Philosphical and religious books across different schools of philosophy.

During his pursuit, he felt that Vedanta and philosphical books in tamil are limited thereby depriving tamil knowing people from knowledge and wisdom as enshrined in Indian Vedanta.

As his life's pursuit, he decided to author books in tamil on various topics to make them available to tamil knowing people, specially youth to awaken their spritual insight in the path of gyana, bhakti and vairagya which are essential for reaching the final goal of one's existence; i.e, Moksha.