Aanmeega Chinthanai

Aanmeega Chinthanai (Divine Thoughts)

March 2014, Published by Viswa Madhwa Maha Parishath, CBE
Released By His Holiness, Sri Sri Satyaatma Theertha Swamiji, Uttaradhi Mutt

The book is a collection of answers given by Sri Sri Satyatma Theertha Swamiji of uttaradhi Mutt in an open question answer session held in Dharwad in 1999 for general public, seekers and scholars. Swamiji’s answers to mundane and spiritual questions are enlightening. Questions are asked on various subjects and problems for which Swamiji provides simple, lucid and convincing answers.
Questions on general and religious practices
Questions on Mahabharata and other

Available at : Viswa Madhwa Maha Parishath, No. 35, Kalinga Rayar St, Ram Nagar, Coimbatore- 641009.
Ph: + 91 9363107288
Rs: 70